Engineered Ston is a cement based reconstituted panel produced under extreme pressure this binds the pigmented cement and mineral aggregates.

The panels are made-up of granules of granite and other minerals of varying size to offer a monolithic appearance. Engineered Ston comes in 20 standard colours although bespoke colours and finishes are also available.


– 20mm thick panels with a fibreglass reinforcement, they come complete with a 10mm deep by 3mm wide “Kerf” groove set into the top and bottom edges

– Available in small to large panels, 1500mm x 600mm being the highest tested

– Excellent performance properties

– UV resistant

– Available in 20 colours

– System weight 36kg/m²

Technical Specification

Panel weight – 48/m2 @ 20mm +/-1.5mm thickness

Max panel size tested – 1500mm x 600mm exact panel size not modular size

Panel tolerances to BS EN 1469 – length and height +/- 1mm and thickness +/-1.5mm 

Tested to CWCT test guidelines for Standardized Envelopes 2005

Class “O” fire rating

Water absorbency less than 1% 

Engineered Ston was tested at Technology Centre Vinci UK (Vinci) to CWCT test guidelines for Standardized Building Envelopes 2005 for the following:

– Wind serviceability – +/- 2400 Pascal’s

– Wind safety – +/- 3600 Pascal’s


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