Aerobrik, a two component mechanical brick-slip system, designed along the principle of our successful clay facade system for speed and accuracy. Tested and accredited by the Wintech organisation and WinMark accreditation in collaboration with NHBC for all residential building types. On site insitu or off site unitisation installation. 

Key Features

Fixing Methods

Cassette Plate – The cassette tray is used on a typical SFS build up.
Once the sub frame and other accessories have been installed our cassette trays are fixed
to the sub frame and over horizontal top hats, The top hats are installed to eliminate
deflection behind the cassette panel.

Top hats fixed to vertical sub frame. Plates overlaid and fixed to both sub frame and top hat supports.

Flat Plate – The flat plate has been designed for composite walls and or flat wall surfaces.
Designed and tested with a Eurobond Rainspan panel in mind the flat plate is a more cost-effective solution to the cassette plate. Offering material and labour savings against the
cassette system and competitor’s systems.

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