A trendy new addition to the TI product range. Total Stone stone wall cladding has the real stone appeal that architects and designers prefer. The system is engineered to enable a hassle-free installation that is quick, easy and simple. Our interlocking system will reduce on-site labour costs, allowing your project to be completed faster and more efficiently

The beauty of natural stone is the natural diversity of colours and graining.


• Total Stone is a natural stone that can be installed using various fixing methods including our t.i tracking rail or undercut anchors.

• Panels are available in 30mm, 40mm & 50mm thickness

• Total Stone is very popular and gives a traditional feel

• We offer natural stones from all over the world including locally sourced stones

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Technical Specification

• Panel weight – 81kg/m2 @ 30mm thick, 108kg/m2 @ 40mm or 135kg/m2 @ 50mm

• 600mm in 2mm increments by 400mm up to 1500mm in 2mm increments

• Panel tolerances to BS EN 1469 – length and height +/- 1mm up to 1200mm and +/- 1% of (L) and thickness +/-1.5mm up to 20mm

• Tested to CWCT test guidelines for Standardised Envelopes 2005

• EN 13501-1 Fire Rating A2 s1 d0

• Water absorbency less than 1%

Aerolite Ti-G was tested at Technology Centre Vinci UK (Vinci) to CWCT test guidelines for Standard Building Envelopes 2005 for the following:

– Wind serviceability – +/- 2400 Pascal’s

– Wind safety –  +/-3600 Pascal’s

– Cyclic wind loading -+/- 600 Pascal’s to +/-2400 Pascal’s over a 24 hour period

– Impact resistance to BS 8200 (Soft and hard body rating category ‘B’)

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