UHPC (Ultra High Performance Concrete) aka reconstituted stone is a 15, 20 or 30mm thick panel. UHPC is concrete & is typically is made with high-strength steel fibers, fine sand, cement, fly ash, a large volume of SF, and a low amount of water. The panel is cast into moulds, the moulds can be generic for flat panels and custom for project specific requirements. Generally, this product will be used in large format sizes up to 3000mm x 1200mm.

Key Features

Fixing Methods

Undercut Anchor (Primary) – Panels come to site predrilled with an undercut hole to allow an anchor to expand into when fixed on site with hanging clasps. The clasps then allow the panels to be secured to a horizontal carrier rail then locked into position.

Kerf (secondary) – This method is for panels up to 1200mm x 600mm in size as it is more cost effective. The kerf fixing is a gravity based fixing method. UHPC panels arrive at site with a 3mm wide x 13mm deep channel grooved into the top and bottom edges, the channels are retained mechanically with our TI Tracking horizontal rail carrier system.

The TI tracking system compromises of horizontal carrier rails, an EPDM anti rattle gasket and divider clip designed to keep uniform vertical joints across the building. The TI Tracking is set out according to the panel module heights on site before any panels are delivered to site. The larger the panel height the more cost effective the system is.


GRC is used worldwide to manufacture a vast range of precast products for the building and civil engineering industries. GRC can be formed into thin sectioned lightweight elements and provides designers, architects and engineers with substantial advantages when compared to other traditional concrete materials. Typical methods of forming GRC including casting and spraying, with a nominal thickness of 18mm.

Fixing Methods

Our sprayed Grade 18 GRC panels are designed around the project requirements which is often bespoke shapes and sizes. These panels typically come anchored to a galvanised steel support structure which is used to fix back to the primary structure. Due to the uniqueness of this method in-house engineering services are available to ensure the systems suitability.


Fire Testing Certificates

EN 13501-1
(Warrington Fire EXOVA)

Manufacturing Accreditations

ISO 19001 & ISO 14001
(Policies for manufacture and environmental)


Governing body for GRC

CWCT Standards

Main standards and test methods for cladding covering wind resistance and impact resistance


Please note that this is just a sample of swatches we have available, get in touch for all available colours and finishes.

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