Aerolite Monolith

Aerolite Monolith is a 27mm thick aluminium honeycomb backed panel with a natural stone, granite or ceramic veneer bonded to the backer. The honeycomb backer has built in extrusions around the perimeter and into the back of the panel to take our fixing system. This revolutionary lightweight natural stone panel is eco friendly.

Key Features

Fixing Methods

Kerf (primary) – The kerf fixing is a gravity based fixing method. Monolith panels arrive at site with a 5mm wide x 13mm deep extrusion built into the top and bottom edges of the panel of sizes up to 1200mm x 600mm, large format panels (3m x 1.2m) have added extrusions built into all edges of the panel and into the back of the panel centred up to 750mm MAX. The channels are retained mechanically with our TI Tracking horizontal rail carrier system.

Horizontal banding – Panels which span along floor slabs are typically U-shaped panel with returns along the top and bottom dimensions. These panels also secured with the extrusion built into the back to the panel which is hung on our TI tracking system, the ends of the returns have fixing plates fixed into the honeycomb backer which can be fixed back to the primary structure.


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