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The smart Terracotta Rain Screen system that engineers out the complexities of other rainscreen systems. With an extensive range of module sizes and colours, Tonality undoubtedly offers the most comprehensive and exciting system in today’s market.


 – Tile modular size up to 150mm x 600mm

 – Single or Twin Skin tile available

 – Two colour ranges: Tonality Classic and Tonality Color

 – All available with grooves or pilaster strips

 – 26mm thick tile, tile weight 38 kg/m2

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Technical Specification

Terracotta/Porcelain tile weight  38kg/m2 @ 26mm thick

Grid heights in mm: 150, 175, 200, 225, 250, 300, 400

Tile lengths in mm; 400 up to 1600

Carrier systems; BAS-Clinch and BAS-Flex

Joint dims; 2mm and 8mm

Water Absorbency: < 3%

Face Finishes; smooth, grooved and pilaster

Colour Ranges; Natural, Nuance, Color, Siena and Travertine

Testing and Accreditation;

BBA Agrement certification

CWCT; ; Portrait and BAS-flex at Vinci-UK

Classic Natural


Light Cream

Flint Grey

Pearl Grey


Classic Finished Surfaces


Black Gloss

Brick Red

Copper Red


Dark Grey

Dark Red

Egg Shell

Light Grey

Middle Grey

Red Brick


White Gloss

White Matt

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