TI Terracotta

TI Terracotta is an extruded twin skinned clay terracotta panel available in two standard thicknesses, 17mm & 22mm, for flat panels.

The 17mm thick panel is stocked in a selection of standard colours 1200mm x 400mm up to 3000m2 per colour. It is also available in a height of 300mm for new productions.

The 22mm thick panel comes in a variety of heights ranging from 200mm – 600mm with a larger range of colours and finishes based on new productions.

TI Terracotta provides the perfect mix of durability and beauty. Our terracotta panels are designed to last, withstanding extreme weather conditions and providing a beautiful finish for years to come. With a variety of options, you can create a unique and iconic building that stands out from the crowd.

Discover the possibilities with TI Terracotta’s extruded twin skinned clay terracotta panels. Our team of experts are ready to help you bring your vision to life.

Key Features


Immerse yourself in the realm of architectural possibilities with our bespoke terracotta cladding solutions. Far from ordinary, our custom-made panels push the boundaries of traditional design, enabling you to create structures that are as unique as your vision.

Custom shaped panels and colours are available; these are best discussed at an early design stage with the architect to provide a solution to the shape(s) they are trying to achieve.

Our panels breathe life into your architectural designs, achieving a sense of depth and creating an illusion of three-dimensionality that is simply unparalleled. The unique geometric patterns, the bold curves, the striking angles – every shape you envision, we can materialise.

Fixing Methods

Clips – Small retaining clips approx. 20mm wide are fixed directly back to the T/L rails of the subframe at either side of the panel. The clips come with an anti rattle gasket set into an extrusion to stop any movement of the panels when on the wall.

The system is best ‘brick built’ meaning an installation bottom to top will most likely need to be undertaken.

Horizontal Profile – This fixing method provides continuous support along the top and bottom edges of all panels. This is used for landscape orientation only*.

Supplied in 6m lengths, the profile can be fixed back to vertical centres of 600mm allowing the system to be gridded out ahead of the panels arrival to site.

Each panel is retained along the top and bottom edges of the panel and a small bead of silicone is utilised to stop any movement. The silicone is normally applied in the centre top of the panel between the rail and panel.


Fire Testing Certificates

EN 13501-1
(Warrington Fire EXOVA)

Manufacturing Accreditations

ISO 19001 & ISO 14001
(Policies for manufacture and environmental)

Anti Graffiti

Has anti-graffiti properties

CWCT Standards

Main standards and test methods for cladding covering wind resistance and impact resistance

Installation (Horizontal)

Installation (Vertical)

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