Aerolite Ultralite – Lightweight & Dynamic

Ultralite is a part of the Aerolite family, a market leading lightweight stone range from T.I. Dynamic Facades.

Our Ultralite system is the lightest of all the Aerolite family with a system weight from 25kg/m2, this is achieved by manufacturing a 5-7mm stone veneer with our fully enclosed, reinforced, aluminium cassette panel. The Ultralite panel has a continuous aluminium kerf extrusion to the horizontal and or vertical edge, which offers exceptional flexibility through installation and performance specification.

Silverfin Aberdeen

The only limitation on panel size is by the type of stone selected in block size available, as the honeycomb cassette panel can be manufactured in large 4-5mt x 4-5mt sizes with suitable reinforcement stability and performance. The system has been tested to CWCT standards at the Vinci test centre on standard panel sizes up to 600mm x 1500mm, any increased panel sizes on project specific design can be accommodated for further testing where required. Additionally, we can have small panel designs on to a larger reinforced panel for curtain walling type installation. This has already been successfully achieved on other projects with the joints being factory pointed.

Ultralight is ideal for refurbishment contracts or where particular project structure design has weight limitations, this we have noticed is an increasing situation. Due to our Dynamic track system also being in aluminium the system has excellent structural and performance capabilities and the panels can be retrofitted as a second fix stage after the rails have been installed thus accelerating the installation time considerably. Panels can be flat or have preformed returns which are cut, bonded and dressed for corners, soffits, and particular design shapes, in these instances we may have to introduce a further (tested) installation system appropriate to the contract criteria. With a 14-16 week lead-in time Ultralight is not only lightweight & durable but is cost and time effective.

Thin stone veneers onto reinforcement are good environmental credentials to save the constant erosion of the planets stone supply, it is a natural step in the evolution of stone cladding. The installation teams can be façade companies other than stone masons and the timescale on site reduced substantially. All panels come to the site as per the contractor’s panel schedule in crates relating to the position on the elevation drawings and the weight of the product can, therefore, optimise the number of containers used in transportation.

Let us know what you think of our dynamic product!

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