UrbanGlass is a product of beauty and performance designed to create facades of unique and stunning appearance. There are two available installation methods including our generic rail system.

UrbanGlass properties include zero water absorption, anti graffiti and excellent thermal expansion properties. It is available in varying panel sizes and thickness and is ideal for the most demanding and prestigious environments.


– All the versatility of granite, yet thinner, stronger, lighter and more resilient

– Available in large panel sizes and can be shaped and curved to clad pillars and rounded corners

– Excellent strength and performance characteristics

– Available in a choice of 5 consistent through colours, in matt, or polished

– Panel weights of 40kg/m2 @15mm thick and 47kg/m2 @ 18mm thick

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Technical Specification

Panel weight – 47kg/m2 @ 18mm +/- 2mm thickness

Max panel size tested – 1500mmx600mm and available in coursing heights of 150mm
up to 600mm in 2mm increments by 400mm up to 1500mm in 2mm increments

Panel tolerances to BS EN 1469 – length and height +/- 1mm and thickness +/-1.5mm

Tested to CWCT test guidelines for Standardized Envelopes 2005

Lead-in times – 14-16 weeks

Tested to BS 476 parts 6&7 Class “O” fire rating

Water absorbency zero 

Urban Glass was tested at Technology Centre Vinci UK (Vinci) to CWCT test guidelines for Standardized Building Envelopes 2005 for the following:

– Wind serviceability –  +/-2400 Pascal’s

– Wind safety –  +/-3600 Pascal’s

– Cyclic wind loading –  +/-600 Pascal’s to  +/-2400 Pascal’s over a 24 hour period

– Impact resistance to BS 8200 (Soft and hard body rating category ‘B’)

Tested at Warrington Fire Group to BS 476: Part 6: 1989 & BS 476: Part 7: 1997


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