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TI Aerolite Ultralite is a 7mm thick natural stone veneer bonded to a 20mm thick fully encased aluminium honeycomb cassette panel. This aluminium cassette panel has two patented extruded fixing channels fitted to its top and bottom edges to facilitate easy installation on to a horizontal carrier system. TI Aerolite Ultralite is the lightest natural stone product in our range.


 – Aluminium honeycomb reinforced stone

 – 7mm natural stone veneer bonded to a 20mm thick fully encased aluminium honeycomb cassette panel

 – Limestone – panel sizes up to 3m x 1.2m

 – Sandstone – panel sizes up to 1500mm x 600mm – Dependant on stone type and block sizes quarried

 – Minimum vertical and horizontal joint size of 6-10mm, ensuring a typical stone joint

 – Excellent strength and performance characteristics

– Available with a Honed or Polished surface

– System weight of 25kg/m²

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Technical Specification

Panel weight – 25kg/m2

Max panel size tested – 3mx1.2m made up of individual veneers bonded to a large aluminium
backing panel for glazing in or unitization

Panel tolerances to BS EN 1469 – length and height +/- 1mm and thickness +/-1.5mm

Tested to CWCT test guidelines for Standardized Envelopes 2005

Lead-in times – 14-16 weeks

Fire rated to A2 – s1, d0

Water absorbency less than 1%

TI Aerolite Ultralite was tested at Technology Centre Vinci UK (Vinci) to CWCT test guidelines for Standardized Building Envelopes 2005 for the following:

– Wind serviceability –  +/-2400 Pascal’s

– Wind safety –  +/-3600 Pascal’s

– Cyclic wind loading –  +/-600 Pascal’s to  +/-2400 Pascal’s over a 24 hour period

– Impact resistance to BS 8200 (Soft and hard body rating category ‘B’)












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